Company profile

We have been providing translation and interpreting services since 1998 (known as Amarti Lingua, s.r.o. since 2009).

Amarti Lingua, s.r.o. is not a translation agency, it consists of a small group of language professionals including legal linguists, with years of experience, whose primary aim is efficiency, proficiency and accuracy of the translation and interpreting services provided. We pride ourselves on the quality of our services. Our clients value our professional approach, growth, confidentiality and high flexibility (fast turnaround times).

Translators and interpreters
We aim to deal with your language requirements in such a way that you can focus on other demands - development of your business or meeting your personal goals. Thanks to our rich experience, we are able to manage even with the most demanding projects. Our goal is to achieve the best solution for our clients while maintaining high quality at optimal price.

'Cutting Edge' Translation Services

Specialised (professional) translations
Sworn translations with round seal (official stamp)
Proofreading of your translations
Computer Assisted Translations (CAT tools)

Interpretation Services

Simultaneous interpreting
Consecutive interpreting
Accompanying interpreting
Telephone interpreting

Translation of documents concerning imported vehiclese.g. vehicle registration & insurance translation

We will provide you with the official translation of documentation relating to the import of cars/vehicles from abroad.