We offer translations and interpreting in following languages:

We specialize in

Advertising, Administration, Annual reports, Audit, Banking, Business, Commercial, Criminal, Ecology, Economy, Education, European Union, Environment, Ecology, Finances, Family, Human resources (HR), Information technologies, Insurance, Law, Marketing presentations, Movies/Film (subtitles), PR, Spedition, Taxation, Telecommunication, Tourism, Transport,


Specialised translations

Specialised / Professional translations
Energy sector
European administration
Business correspondence etc.

Sworn (official) translations with round seal

Translations are provided directly by our sworn (official) translator enrolled in the Register maintained by the Ministry of Justice of the Slovak Republic:
- Civic documents (birth certificates, marriage certificates, death certificates, diplomas, certificates, school reports, acknowledgements etc.).
- Legal documents (contracts, expert opinions, extracts from companies register, deeds of incorporation, letters of attorney, declarations, judgements, divorces, deeds of donation etc.)

Proofreading of your translations

We also offer the proofreading services of foreign language texts.

Accepted formats: MS Word (.DOC, .RTF), MS Excel (.XLS), MS PowerPoint (.PPT), Adobe Acrobat (.PDF).
Computer Assisted Translations (CAT tools)

We use Trados to ensure consistent terminology and improve the efficiency.


Consecutive interpreting

- the interpreter speaks with a short time delay. It is most frequently used at the business negotiations, general meetings, supervisory boards meetings etc.

Simultaneous interpreting

- the interpreter speaks simultaneously with a speaker. It is interpreted in a booth with appropriate technical equipment. It is mainly used at conferences, congresses and seminars.

Accompanying interpreting

- used mainly at exhibitions, fairs, corporate events

Telephone interpreting

- offered to corporate clients as well as individuals - via telephone